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Honestly hard to apply any productivity advice because my family and Faith are more important than any success. Personal development and productivity always assumes some goal is number one.

First micro.blog post from the iOS app!

I dislike USB-C because the insertion point is not robust. There is nothing I can tell that prevents jostling from dislodging the connector. It then comes down to the cable manufacturer to not cutting corners and provide a consistently tight fit. Apple does this, but every other cable I’ve used for 3rd Part drives disconnects at the slightest bump which is horrifying with HFS drives connected.

Watched S3E01 of Black Mirror first accidentally. Wouldn’t have watched another episode if I saw S1E01 first.

The challenge of transitioning from an on-premise to cloud mindset is exacerbated by technology transitions and deadlines.

Testing the micro.blog feed Micro.blog

Micro blog test

I Lost

Yesterday was a milestone day for Emiko. It was the first time she beat me for 9 holes at golf. We were playing Spring Valley Golf Course and we started on the back 9. She shot a 51 and I shot a 55. I am happy and proud of her. On my end, I thought I’d feel a bigger sense of change, but I’m not a consistently good golfer so I don’t feel like beating me is a huge accomplishment. The past few times we’ve gone out I’ve shot very well because I know I have to play under control to beat her. She is so consistent I figured the first time I lost control she would beat me and that was certainly the case yesterday.

I don’t want to take anything away from how proud I am of her and her golf game; it’s just not the same as if she beat me at basketball which I was actually good at long ago.

Twice in One Day

When I am the Elder of the Month (assist with communion, announcements, etc) I attend both of our churches Divine Services. I also have my daughter attend the late service to assist with the slides. On feast days, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in both services and this past Sunday (Feast of the Transfiguration) was the first time she had the opportunity to receive Holy Communion twice on one Sunday. When she realized there would be communion she asked if she should go a second time. I told her to think about it and I would let her decide what to do.

She decided to take communion the second time and as we left church I asked her how she came to her decision. She said she was part of the church and should participate in receiving the body and blood of Christ. I told her that was good and to also remember that communion is a gift that delivers forgiveness and that we should take every opportunity to receive God’s gifts especially forgiveness of sins. I also told her that I let her decide because I wanted her to think it through and that if I told her what to do I would be taking away from the gift aspect. I also told her that if she ever feels uncomfortable taking the Lord’s Supper she should refrain and then talk to me or Pastor.

Experimenting with Productivity Again

I’m always trying to find ways to be more productive. I’ve imperfectly implemented GTD, 18 Minutes, The Unschedule, Time Management Magic, streaks, and the list probably goes on. I know I don’t give them a real shot because I don’t commit to them because it’s easier to do what I feel like doing and not what’s scheduled or on some list. Also, when things get moved around spontaneously – like your wife tells you she’s going out with friends in a couple hours and you have to now figure out dinner – none of the systems satisfactorily handled all the exception cases so I’d just chuck the whole system. Well, really just let it fall into disuse.

At one point I had a grand plan to start with a baseline system and document where and how it failed and then adjust the system. I’ve also had the idea to commit to doing each of the systems for a month, but that never worked out because it’d always take more than a month to get the system up and running.

So the most recent time management process that’s come across my radar is the one where you schedule everything. The advocate I heard said he does it in 15 minute increments, but says some of the most successful people he knows do it down to the minute. So that’s going to be my starting point. I’m going to spend 30 minutes every night scheduling the next day. I will evaluate where it works and why and where it falls down and why. And as I come across other productivity advice – new or other – I will incorporate aspects that fill in the short comings.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife had a spontaneous night out which really messed up the schedule for the evening. One of the strengths of the schedule was that even though I didn’t have the time slots aligned correctly anymore, I knew the things I wanted to do and how much time I wanted to spend on them. The weakness was that I just blew some stuff off because I didn’t feel like doing them and the messed up schedule was an easy excuse to do so.