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I Lost

Yesterday was a milestone day for Emiko. It was the first time she beat me for 9 holes at golf. We were playing Spring Valley Golf Course and we started on the back 9. She shot a 51 and I shot a 55. I am happy and proud of her. On my end, I thought I’d feel a bigger sense of change, but I’m not a consistently good golfer so I don’t feel like beating me is a huge accomplishment. The past few times we’ve gone out I’ve shot very well because I know I have to play under control to beat her. She is so consistent I figured the first time I lost control she would beat me and that was certainly the case yesterday.

I don’t want to take anything away from how proud I am of her and her golf game; it’s just not the same as if she beat me at basketball which I was actually good at long ago.

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