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Father Failures

I’m far from the perfect father. I’m sure I violate conventional and new wisdom all the time. I’m not sure I agree with all that “wisdom” so I try to be aware of it, but it doesn’t usually doesn’t affect my day-to-day. However, there are some areas in which I know I need to improve. The number 1 is yelling / raising my voice. I have done this since I was a little kid. When situations frustrate me I raise my voice and after a certain level of frustration it turns to yelling.

IMG 1951

I think I’ve made some strides in this area since Mari was diagnosed with Autism. It made me realize how it didn’t really help any situation, but it is such a long engrained habit that it is tough to break. One strategy that has helped me is to hug whichever girl I’m frustrated with before talking to her. I learned this strategy as a way to reset Mari when she was having sensory difficulties and it also works with Emiko, likely because it calms me down as much as anything.


Getting Outside

Mari is a couple years from lessons but she learns by watching big sister.

IMG 2168

This is the second time Emiko has swung her new clubs. First time at the range. She struggled a little with the length and weight, but should be fine by the beginning of summer. She still hit some good ones.

IMG 2170

She was trying out the new putter as well. She was lining up each putt without me even reminding her.

IMG 2172

Mari was just having fun and enjoying the sun.

IMG 2176IMG 2176


Weekly Goals

Emiko and I worked on goals for this week. We went through her goals for the year and she picked out 3 to focus on this week. I then had her three measurable results to accomplish.

IMG 2167


Under the Microscope

Flossing this morning turned into an opportunity to look at plaque under the microscope.

IMG 2164

We also looked at some grey hair that did not belong to dad.


First Project Done

We finished her first project which was a blinking LED. I told her how to wire up the breadboard and she did that.

IMG 2160

Then she uploaded the code to the Arduino. I explained a little bit about what was going on and let her experiment with changing values in the code to see how the blinking of the LED would be altered. Once we figured out what values did what, we commented the code.

IMG 2162


Experiment Every Day

When I got home from work we broke out the Christmas presents. Mari looked at some of the prepared slides under the microscope and I showed I her how to place them for viewing. Our plan is to look at some new things under the microscope every day.

IMG 2156


Emiko and I broke out the Arduino. We read some basics about circuits and familiarized ourselves with all the boards and components. I downloaded the software and tomorrow we will do our first project.

IMG 2157


Goal for 2014… Build a Robot

I did a little more work with Emiko on goals. I didn’t have her do SMART goals, but I made her be a more specific in some cases and to think a about what it would take to accomplish some of them. We also agreed that we would review our goals every Sunday and plan to make progress on some of them each week.

IMG 2150


Goal for 2014… Be a Ninja

I worked with the girls this afternoon on some goal setting. We all listed as many things as we could think of that we would like to do in 2014. Here is Mari’s list:

IMG 2151

I love that she tries to spell words even if she doesn’t know them (ninga). We’ll correct them later, but just getting down what she wants to do was important today.

Tomorrow I’ll share Emiko’s list.


The Saturday Before Christmas

In the morning, future SAHMs practice for the next day’s Christmas program.

IMG 2126

Then go caroling in the evening.

IMG 2147


What Do you get for a 7 yo Future SAHM?

A My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

IMG 2110

Mari is interested in becoming a scientist. Her Christmas wish list included this microscope, a science lab, a dentist kit, and a veterinarian kit. Once again, my aversion to any girlified product.