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The Many Sins of a Guy Named Jesus

I remember when “The Last Temptation of Christ” (TLToC) came out. I remember the admonitions that Christians should avoid this movie and as I thought of myself as a Christian I avoided it. As I’ve grown older, I’m less likely to avoid something just because a group of Christians warn me away from it. I’ve also become more confident in what I believe so I occasionally take opportunities to seek out things that oppose my faith to see where the holes are in the oppositions arguments and so I can formulate responses to help my daughters in case they face similar hostilities.

I recently listened to a podcast that challenged Christians to ignore the controversy surrounding TLToC and evaluate it on its merits. Well, I got 30 minutes in and I fail to see any merit in this film. I knew it would be rough when the first scene is of some guy named Jesus making crosses to crucify Jews while talking about self flagellation and then said Jesus gets slapped around by some guy named Judas. I have no idea how this relates to the Jesus of the Bible so if your trying to make a commentary about Him, I need to recognize Him.

After scenes where the guy named Jesus helps nail someone to a cross and then goes to hang out the rest of the day in a brothel I bailed on the film when Jesus sits on a hilltop over looking the desert where he wandered for 3 months (who knew that 40 days was 3 months on the Jewish calendar) and says he’s a liar and a coward, he lusts and is prideful.

As I said, my purpose for watching this film was to gain some insight as to how others were falsely portraying Jesus Christ, but as soon as I realized that this was about some guy name Jesus who is a sinner just like me and is trying to justify himself before God I turned it off. What I’d like to tell that guy named Jesus is that there is a greater man with the same name Jesus who is sinless, who died for the sins he and I committed, and trust in that Jesus will justify him before God.