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Twice in One Day

When I am the Elder of the Month (assist with communion, announcements, etc) I attend both of our churches Divine Services. I also have my daughter attend the late service to assist with the slides. On feast days, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper in both services and this past Sunday (Feast of the Transfiguration) was the first time she had the opportunity to receive Holy Communion twice on one Sunday. When she realized there would be communion she asked if she should go a second time. I told her to think about it and I would let her decide what to do.

She decided to take communion the second time and as we left church I asked her how she came to her decision. She said she was part of the church and should participate in receiving the body and blood of Christ. I told her that was good and to also remember that communion is a gift that delivers forgiveness and that we should take every opportunity to receive God’s gifts especially forgiveness of sins. I also told her that I let her decide because I wanted her to think it through and that if I told her what to do I would be taking away from the gift aspect. I also told her that if she ever feels uncomfortable taking the Lord’s Supper she should refrain and then talk to me or Pastor.

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