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Vacation/Road Trip Essential

This past February we went to Disneyland and stressed out the iPhones to check line lengths and text when we split up because the girls wanted to go on different rides. Typically around 2:00 PM my phone would dip below 20% and my wife’s would hit it a little later. The first day we just stayed together, but eventually a 5-year-old and 10-year-old run out of rides they can agree on. So the next day we said we’d take an afternoon break and go to the car to recharge our phones. It just so happened that we were apart and my phone was fading fast it was time for the break. We had some tense moments relaying where we were, where we were going, and I had a 5-year-old who was melting down to top it off.

So for our April trip to see The Mouse, I bought us a pair of New Trent External Batteries. Two because I figured we should have a backup even if we are split up, and to keep in each of our cars as emergency phone power. I decided on this model because it seemed to hold a good charge and the pair wouldn’t be too expensive ($45 ea.). The unit is a about the same thickness as an iPhone and a little wider. Not really small enough to fit in the same pants pocket as the phone, but easy enough in the same jacket pocket.

How did they work? Great! It was so nice to be able to not stress about the battery getting low, I just plugged in the iPhone and got a full-recharge. The device holds 2-3 phone recharges and I was even able to give a charge to someone while we were in line for Space Mountain. Since the trip, I’ve used the device several times when I’ve forgotten to charge my phone.  I’m not sure what more you could ask of a device like this.